Human Resource Services

We are an emerging next-gen recruitment, HR consulting and outsourcing service provider. With talent acquisition as our forte, we help organizations in finding people who not just meet the required skill-set but also match their vision. We provide end-to-end recruitment & HR solutions to the organizations.Our clients trust us with all their Human Resource needs because we bring them the best people by implementing effective and thorough recruitment process

Our Permanent Recruitment model is designed to provide the clients the option for quick hiring of their workforce to keep their business running successfully. Our Permanent Recruitment Resource Managers understand the task in hand keeping a good note of the business ethics, work culture and work flow.

Permanent Recruitment Team only selects the best candidates for your businesses to join you on a long term basis. Each and every selected candidate goes through a strict screening and skill evaluation process before joining the clients. Do you want to boost your staffing on a long term basis? Experience the best & speak to our Permanent Recruitment team now.

Our Hiring Process follows below shown methods:

Whether you are looking for resource to fulfill a project deadline requirement, are looking for particular expertise, simply need short-term additional resource to meet a peak in workload, or require staff for sickness cover, Network Scientific are here to help.

We can provide temporary workers. We understand that these requirements can be reactive, therefore must be filled swiftly, that is why our internal SLAs dictate a response to your requirement within 24 hours. With access to a huge network of industry professionals, our experienced and knowledgeable consultants will not rest until your resource gap is filled.

For more information about our temporary recruitment and contractor services, please get in touch.

Human resource policies are systems of codified decisions, established by an organization, to support administrative personnel functions, performance management, employee relations and resource planning.

We identify and design the important policies for your organization considering current laws. It may include Work timings, lunch time, travel time, waiting/idle time, overtime, relevant legislation, local agreements and the contracts of individual employees – including work-life balance guidelines etc.

The Policy document covers almost all angles of HR strategies of an Organization. There is a clear cut Mission Statement, and Vision statement, in the HR Policy statements. Under the Code of Conduct, there is an attempt to inform in unambiguous terms, the disciplinary proceedings, rules, regulations, as embodied in the principles of natural justice.

Pre-employment Screening is the process of authenticating the information supplied to a potential employer by a job applicant in his or her resume, application, interviews, and references. An employee background verification process is a thorough screening of a candidate’s work history, college degrees, academic certificates, legal records, and sometimes credit scores. The process usually takes between 3-10 days. However, it can extend if you want to take an in-depth look at candidate’s history (mostly done for senior level hires).

Employment Background Screening includes the following checks
  • Educational Checks : To verify whether the candidate has indeed studied and graduated as per information provided;
  • Professional qualifications check :To verify whether the professional certifications are genuine.
  • Employment history :To check information related to position, dates of employment, reputation, performance and reason for leaving.
  • Reference checks :Whereby former supervisors are contacted to ascertain past reputation and performance
  • Bankruptcy check:To determine whether the candidate has been involved in bankruptcy cases.
  • Civil litigation & criminal check: To determine whether the candidate has been involved in lawsuits
  • Reverse directorship :Search, aimed at identifying an individual’s potential involvement in private companies as a director or a shareholder
  • Verification of contact :Details and emergency contact details
  • Verification of current residential address : To verify the candidates current residential address

Training and development plays an important role in company's human resources department. We plan and administer programs to ensure that employees have the skills and knowledge to compete effectively and meet the organization's business objectives.

AARAMBAN offers our clients training sessions and training development in hundreds of areas. We customize every program to your organization or individual needs. In addition to providing specific training, we provide development assistance in leadership development, training for trainers and facilitators, team-building and coaching.

All of our trainings are:
  • Fast - paced and highly participatory
  • Focus on specific and concrete skills rather than theory
  • Involves the participants through watching demonstrations, hearing short presentations, completing written and group exercises and through applying the skills presented in simulated situations
  • Gives participants frequent opportunities to put skills and knowledge presented to work in case situations
  • Can be evaluated in terms of measurable results